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Quest 2 screen freezing suddenly using Link

Level 2
So I've been using Link for the past 6 months or so with zero issues.  Last night, I go to play Squadrons, and I get these random screen freezes that last 4 or 5 seconds.  When this happens, it's like the screen is no longer a 360 display, as I can look and see the screen edges.  This is happening with pretty much any Link game, whether using Oculus or SteamVR.  I've also noticed that sometimes when it freezes, it's like I'm looking crosseyed, very weird.  Everything was working fine a couple weeks ago, so I have no clue what has changed.  I did reboot everything, rolled back my GPU drivers, defaulted my debug settings, but nothing is working.  I even tried using my old USB cable instead of the Link cable, but still get the same thing.  The Quest works fine standalone, it's just link that is borked.  Any help here would be appreciated.  🙂

Level 2

Same issue for me so sad
My config new Portable TUF GAMING A17  win 10, Ryzen7, nvidia 1660ti, 16 g RAM
i have downgraded my Ryzen better connection for the cable but still lag (A non official Cable but connected at  2.6Ghz).

Virtual desktop seems to work fine but not enough wifi connection for me..(tried ethernet... same problem)
think the problem is the oculus application because when i play asgard
wrath that lag but when i play gta5 (full setting with virtual desktop
no problem).

So desappointed.. pc+oculus+accessories+game+appli and  i have to wait for playing such game as asgard or alyx.

Hope a great update for christmas!! o

Happy Christmas!