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Quest 2 skipping frames/skipping headtracking

Level 2

Hello Guys,


I am reaching out to you as lately I have realized that my Quest 2 started to skip frames/tracking of the head, time to time, which is very annoying and disorienting say the least (even in the main lobby) ... the Quest 2 is used in a well lit room and the camera lenses are cleaned, so I do not know why are those frame lags/tracking misses happening ... I have realized additionally as well that the headset is really hot when BeatSaber is used with oculus streaming together (or with any other game)... Could it be hardware/overheating issue (bad paste/cooling)?

To be honest, I would understand that on Quest (1) that the hardware is not up for it, but the Quest 2 is brand new and its hardware is supposed to be top notch on (for the time being at least) and it is not just happening in specific demanding games, but it happens in the main lobby as well!


I am open for any suggestion!




Level 2

İts happened to me after update so we should wait till new one

This happened for me after an update as well ... but not on the latest one, but months ago ... I have just posted about it now (thought the same that ... oh next patch will solve it --> nope)

So you mean this hardware problem ?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello @Monguzz please submit a ticket with us and include the log files from your system so we can review them and try and determine why the Rift S is having tracking issues. Thanks!