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Quest 2 + steamVR, Going AFK for at least 5 min will make the Oculus display only a black screen.

Level 2
After hours of setup, my Quest 2 works properly with SteamVR.  The problem is, whenever I take it off and set it down to take a quick 5 min break, something goes wrong.  When I put it back on, it looks like its refocusing the guardian, and then POOF:  black screen.  I hit the power button which puts it to sleep, wake it back up, and still black screen.  On a side note, the controllers don't function at all when this happens, their lights just fade in and out when I push any button.  The SteamVR continues to play normally, I can hear the game music and sounds. 

Its obviously an issue with the Oculus not properly 'sleeping' and instead its 'timing out' in some way that screws the entire connection.  I have to quit all the apps and restart the Oculus and then reconnect everything to get it to start again.  My PC is not going to sleep, no other apps running but the ones for the quest, and I'm pretty sure its not Steam's fault as the game continues to work on the TV and controllers stop working too.  Only reasonable conclusion is that Virtual Desktop has a severe flaw, or the Oculus does.  I can't believe I'm the only person that takes a break, comes back and has this issue.

Level 4
Try installing the latest Nvidia hotfix driver, there is a note about black screens in there.