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Quest 2 stuck on pair controllers

Level 2

Hi, I have an Oculus quest 2, for some reason yesterday my controllers weren’t connecting to the headset and I kept getting the “Tracking lost” error. After some research a YouTuber had said to reset it which was a big mistake. My controllers won’t pair to the headset so I am now stuck on an endless loop on resetting my HMD and hoping my controllers connect. Oculus support is absolute **bleep** and they always help me a tiny bit and then stop replying and like in this case I contacted them and they are just as confused as I am. I just need my quest to work again so I can get back to content creation. Thanks


Level 2

How did you fix it

does anyone know how to fix this problem. i am on a loop too, cannot pair controllers through app even after reset 

I ended up messaging Oculus and they issued me a full replacement it’s coming soon!

Level 2

hi. I have the same problem as you. There's a post on this. Please help to bump that as i noticed those who encounter this are very recent.