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Quest 2 stuck to 72 hz after oculus software update tonight

Level 4

Oculus software updated and now even after changing the frequency to 80 or 90 hz it is stuck to 72 hz in games. I have tried to reboot the device, change cable, reboot system....nothing works, it still stuck to 72 hz. With Virtual Desktop wireless it works fine at 90 hz.


Great to hear. A hassle indeed though. I'm amazed Oculus published this release with the 72hz bug.

Level 9

The PC software discussion can be found on the Rift/RiftS subforum: PC Software Build 27.0 Release Notes - Oculus Community - 860294 (

i7-7700k, Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo (10G), Oculus Quest 2
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Thanks for the reddit link! Rolling back to V25 fixed the 72Hz issue.

Level 6

It's a known bug that already reported to Oculus by so many users in PTC v27. 

Then Oculus just ignores all the bug reports and release this bug as a release version v27. 

Any other PC software version other than v27 will work. 

Level 4

Imagine bragging about possible 120hz update in spring and than releasing an update that force everyone down to 72hz. You cannot make that **bleep** up.


2/10 worst update ever

Thank you! The update from reddit link really works!