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Quest 2 visual problem with link cable

Level 3
Having the below problem with multiple games using my Official link cable, everything is OK with the headset when I am disconnected from the link cable.  This is not my photo below, but I am experiencing the same thing. From top of toes down.  Anyone else ?  Possible solutions ?


Level 3

Mine is doing the same thing with DiRT Rally 2.0. I have the steam version and also the Oculus version and it does it on both. If I exit the game it stays while on the virtual desktop. I then went into IRacing and it was fine. I can also correct it by disconnecting the link cable and then reconnecting. I can do this while still in DiRT Rally but it comes back. Sometimes after a minute, sometimes longer. I have tried three different cables, factory reset, everything. Help! 

Level 3

Same issue here, it effects the Steam version and Oculus Store version. Issue only appears when using the Link cable (official) doesn't show up over wifi with virtual desktop. Tried everything, don't think we'll find a solution until either Oculus or Nvidia spend the time to solve this and provide a software/driver update.



32gb ram

Quest 2