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Quest / Go / Gear VR Build 10.0 Release Notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

We’ve made the following updates and enhancements to casting features:

  • Quest now supports all generations of Chromecast as well as some Chromecast built-in devices (NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Google Home Hub, and some smart TVs).
  • You can now start a casting session in-VR, as an alternative to using the Oculus Mobile app. To do so, select Sharing > Cast and choose the device you want to cast to.
  • Chromecast latency, connection stability and picture quality have all been improved.
  • Feedback when a casting connection is established or broken has been improved.

Notification Preferences
  • We’ve made some improvements to notification preferences from in-VR to clarify that the preference set in the headset are different from those set in the mobile application.
    • To access your notification settings in-VR, select Settings > Notifications and adjust the toggles to reflect your settings preferences for each notification type.

  • We’ve made improvements to the in-VR settings that allow you to better personalize your VR experience.
    • To access your settings in-VR, select Settings and adjust the toggles to reflect your preferences.

New Experiments

This section includes new features we’re testing for future releases. You can opt-in to experimental features by selecting Settings > Experiments in-VR. Please note, the experiments section includes features that are still being developed, so you may encounter anything from minor-issues to app-crashes.

  • On Quest, you can now see when your friends beat your high score in games like Beat Saber. You’ll be able to see these updates in the Oculus mobile app, as well as in-VR.
  • On Quest, you can now see a curated set of trending and popular videos of people playing games on Quest.
  • On Quest, you can now see a list of the “The Best 5” of a certain type of content, such as the “The Best 5 Sports Games, The Best 5 Games to Break A Sweat, The Best 5 Apps for the Weekend, etc.

  • We’ve made system updates that improve performance when running some applications.
  • We’ve created new icons and optimized our iconography for consistency, improved performance and enhanced readability.

Level 2
Released October 16 it’s now the 21st and still no update! ?

Level 3
Got the update. I was waiting just for the casting improvement. The casting to my phone still doesn't work, but casting to Chromecast 3 started to work. There is just 0.5-1.0 second delay of the video, but the sound is delayed by 1-2 additional seconds.

Level 3
Still no update here either ?

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Update: v10 should be available to everyone within the next couple of minutes. Thanks for your patience!

Level 3
Can confirm! ?

Level 2

Touch controller vibrations during the update scared the sh*t out of me. 
Home alone, watching a movie in a darkness when suddenly something vibrates in the darkness. 😄

Do you think that the scorpion appears? ,o(∩_∩)o haha

Level 2
Having the same unknown source tab issue, I have no idea how to fix it. When I go into storage, it shows that I have my unknown games installed? I had already turned dev mode back on and I restarted, still nothing. If anyone knows how to go back to version 9 please let me know.

Level 2

Nello26 said:

got it ... v.10  🙂 wifi is good, dev still there, with new lib - unknown source - oculus assistnt service (what is this??) new look..whats else? casting? lets give it a try...

How long did you have to wait to get the update?

not too long, just turn on and put it down.. casting to chromecast ultra is awesome... directly from quest, not need to use phone apps...

Level 4
Yes 🙂 Got the update overnight...

Level 3
I got update few days ago but everytime I try to use casting directly from Quest to Chromecast ultra I get loading and I see only Oculus app. I tried to casting to Chromecast from phone and from Mac. Everything works fine. I just don't see Chromecast in Quest list of options (still loading even after few minutes). How can I fix it? I am using same Wifi. Thanks for any help