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Quest / Go / Gear VR Build 7.0 Release Notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

Features and updates listed here apply to Quest, Go and Gear VR unless otherwise noted. All content highlighted below will begin roll-out during the week of July 22, 2019.

VR Settings

  • We’ve enhanced the overall audio experience, and added the ability to enable or disable your microphone in VR.
  • We’ve added a search bar throughout your in-VR experience so you can always find the content you’re looking for.
  • You can now opt-in to new features we’re testing from your settings menu under the “Experiments” section, like the bluetooth keyboard option we’ve highlighted below.
  • We’ve added an option in the settings panel for Night Mode to reduce blue light and ease eye strain.

Guardian (Quest)

We’ve improved the overall performance of Guardian and added the following new features:

  • If your Guardian boundaries are too sensitive, you can adjust them from the Guardian settings page.
  • If you need to adjust your floor height, you no longer have to reset your Guardian. Instead, you can make adjustments right from your Guardian settings page.
  • You can now set multiple Guardians in the same room and switch between them.


  • You can now use Bluetooth keyboards and gamepads to type and navigate in VR. You can find pairing options for your Bluetooth device in your headset’s settings panel under the experiments section.


  • We’ve updated the look and feel of the Oculus Store for Go and Gear VR.
  • You can now use filtering based on price, comfort or genre, to make it easier to find new apps you might be interested in.
  • If you’re interested in an app but not ready to purchase, you can save it to your wishlist for later.


We want to make sure that your Oculus experience is made just for you. To do that, we’ve added the following new features to customize your feed both in VR, and in the Oculus mobile app:
  • Follow your favorite games, developers and genres so you’ll be notified when there’s something new.
  • Let us know if you liked or disliked an app when you’re done using it, so we know what to recommend next.
  • Hide things from your feed that you don’t want to see again.

Headset Setup (Quest)

  • We've updated the experience for adjusting the fit and improving the focus and clarity of your headset.
  • You can now auto-pair your headset from the Oculus mobile app if it's detected nearby.

Touch Controllers (Quest)

We’ve made performance improvements to better track your Touch controller movements in VR. These updates, which are also applicable for Rift S, include:
  • Improved tracking when controllers are close to the headset, and at angles turned away from the headset.
  • Improved tracking in difficult poses such as under-hand throwing motion.
  • Reduced re-acquisition time when controller tracking is lost.
  • You can now use both of your Touch controllers at the same time when interacting with different elements like the keyboard, Oculus Store, and Library.


  • We’ve made enhancements that make it easier to update and edit your Oculus Avatar.


  • You can now receive notifications in VR and in the Oculus app on your phone when an event you’re interested in is starting.


Edit: Night Mode was mistakenly included in these release notes, however this feature is not included in build 7.0. This feature is being targeted for a future release. Apologies for the confusion and thanks for your patience while our team continues to work on this one!

Level 6
just updated to 7.0 on my oculus go wondering whats next in the update after this one 
kevin warhaft

Level 2
Please, fix the cast to a TV feature. I have the 3rd generation Chromecast but quality is not good, there's delay and not always works. 
Thank you.

Level 8
Getting much higher scores on expert in Beat Saber now with the improved tracking. So it guess wasn't just me when I felt that I lost a lot of hits that was actually good earlier.

Level 9

Since the update, I cannot start any apps under "Uknown sources". None of my unity projects are working now all the sudden. 

Unknown sources are not Oculus apps, so it's not up to Oculus to cater to those apps when updating firmwares. You sideloaded it on your deal with it on your own. But...if you do a simple google, it's due to the new Oculus Go only uses 1 controller, and only the trigger button. You also find in your google search that you can fix it yourself, by decompiling the apk, then modifying a single file. Magic.

Level 6
Some headset tracking issues here. Black screen during 2 seconds.
Oculus Quest - MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge - i7 8700 - 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 MHz - Aorus GTX 1080Ti - Crucial MX300 500Go + 1To - Corsair RM650X 80+ gold

Level 7
Been generally having a very good experience with this new update.  

One issue I've noticed though is that campaign in Vader Immortal seems to have even worse performance issues that before.  At first glance, it would appear that the foviated rendering seems to be dialled back quite a bit, which would definitely impact performance.  Ultimately, the game has been in need of optimization since its release, but now it's completely out of the rotation of games I'll show people since the stuttering is pretty terrible.

Level 2
My update happened this morning, now my own program is broken, I can only see one hand at a time and it's not in the right place - this is using the OVRPlayerController

Level 4

nalex66 said:

cjesqip said:

I look forward to the day that the Quest Guardian can detect a person, baby, or pet wandering into my space. Lots of bad accidents are going to happen to little babies. It's inevitable.

There is a thing called personal responsibility. I have a toddler in the house, and I damn well make sure she isn’t in the room (and can’t get there) if I’m doing room-scale VR. It’s up to you to ensure you have a safe play space before you blind yourself to the world and start flailing your arms around. 

Driving safely is also called personal responsibility! Cars still have seat belts & air bags...

It would be a great SAFETY feature if Quest Guardian can detect a person, baby, or pet wandering into my space.

Level 2
I am a new user (developing on a Mac, using Unity) and, since this last update, my only project is not running anymore. I don't have the problem with the controller, but when trying to open my app I would get the message that the app was closed and if I wanted to restart it (or not), and the second trial only offers to quit the app. Then I tried to update the manifest XML file, from inside Unity, build and run, but now I only get the three white dots blinking forever...
My system version is different from what was mentioned before: version runtime version os version user-333700.3370.0
Any tip?
Is it possible to downgrade to the previous system (FW and SW)?

Level 2
hand prefab is'nt coming in latest version