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Quest: Screen casting not working (Samsung Galaxy S9 / Nvidia Shield)

Level 3

Wasn't successful getting this to work. Headset is connected to the app, all green. TV, Smartphone and Quest are all connected to the same WiFi.

First, I tried to cast to my Nvidia Shield (nothing happened). According to the app there should be some sort of confirmation screen in the headset, which isn't the case.

Same when trying to cast to the phone itself (Samsung Galaxy S9, Android Pie).

So I tried it the other way around and started sharing from inside the headset. Same thing, nothing happens on the phone. Except one time, where I just got a black screen.

Did this work for anyone?

BTW: Would be great if you could alternatively stream directly to the phone (WiFi Direct). So you could share someone's experience if you are not at home. Currently, it's not possible to assist someone without being connected to an external WiFi.


Level 2
I have Huawei P20 Pro and casting freezes after 4-5 seconds. I tested casting on LG V30 and it works, no problem. So I think its and Huawei issue sadly. Hope that there will be a fix soon.

Level 3
Casting on my Huawei P30pro directly results into a freeze after 4 Seconds. 

Level 5
Can't cast directly to the shield, have to go through my mobile xiaomi pocophone f1 to see the shield then my quest shows up on my tv shield. I really hope that Oculus allows us to cast from quest because it's bloody annoying having to use my mobile as a bridge.
Oculus Quest Status: RECEIVED Tues, May 21 2019 12:01 PM GMT UPDATE: FAULTY, ISSUED REPLACEMENT Fri, July 26 2019 Oculus Rift & Touch Bundle Status: RECEIVED Thurs, Sept 07 2017 2:38 PM GMT Oculus Rift DK2

Level 2
seems Quest has issues with casting to Huawei's gutted 

Level 2
Tried casting to S9+ and seemed to work fine. However as mentioned above, when trying to cast to my main daily used mobile being a Huawei P30 Pro casting freezes on the screen after 4 or 5 seconds ?

Level 2
Same here tried casting to the Huawei mate 20 pro 

Level 7
Everyone should also know that a broadband connection is also required to cast, not just WiFi. You maybe connected to your WiFi network, but if your actual internet is slow or stops for some reason, then it’ll stop casting.

Level 2
So, A lot of people got Uawei Phone, they will fix it?

Level 2
Same 4 me on P10 and P20 pro. And on my Asus tablet. Please Oculus? 

Level 4
Same here ..P20 pro, freezes after few seconds.