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Quest + VD + SteamVR Issue

Level 2
Everything was working normaly with no major issues, and then from one day to another massive sttuters that makes everything unplayable, this only happens when i open steamvr or a game (beat saber) of steam vr, its runs smoothly if im just on the virtual desktop. I have read a lot of forums.  Did a factory reset on quest, unistalled all the vr apps related to it and did it all again, just to end up on the same spot, im running out of ideas to fix it. Pls help i really wanna play vr.

Level 5
Ask the VD discord, but it's not a quest problem. Since it's VD, it's going to be related to your local network more than anything else. They will have better fixes there; but be sure to read the pins before just asking this, or at least give a better description of your setup. Is it a 5ghz router with ethernet to the pc? pc specs? etc

Obviously if it's just on the desktop it will run smoothly, it's not having to do anything, so that's not an indicator of anything.
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Level 2
ye as i said iu already read a lot of forums so that more"basic" stuff is already done, it must be something related to steamVr since thats only when the problem starts, i will try to chekc the vd discord eitherway tnx c: 

Level 8

it must be something related to steamVr since thats only when the problem starts

Have you tried it with an oculus game from oculus not on steam?  Sounds like a PC performance or network issue to me.
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Level 2
if its just in the oculus (without any pc connection) then it works perfectly, but i wanted to play steamvr games in the oculus quest with VD, even inside the VD it runs well is just when i launch steamvr, the internet is 5g i already did everything that i could regarding that. and im right next to the router and the pc is connected by eternet 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
If you have the Steam Overlay turned on, try turning it off (along with any other program that uses an overlay, like MSI Afterburner, i.e. anything that shows your FPS onscreen). It can interfere with the GPU encoding function, which is used for both Link and VD streaming.

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Level 2
Problem fixed!  Aparently was the nvidea experience overlay, as soon as i toggles it off it worked , ty for the help c: