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Quest cant see my wireless network

Level 2
I really hope someone can help me here.  I am using the quest headset.  In the wifi menu I can no longer see my router.  It is very frustrating as it can see other peoples wireless networks.  I also tried to setup a hotspot using my laptop and sharing the connection from my router but it cant see that either.  If I use my phone to create a hotspot it can see that.  The phone uses a data connection.  So it it something to do with my router setup but I have no idea what it might be.  Other people nearby have the same router from the same ISP and I can see their networks.  Oh one more thing, my phone can connect to the hotspot i setup using my laptop. I went through a process of elimination.  

So a summary:
1: The quest headset is not able to see my wireless network from the router.
2: The quest headset is not able to see my hotspot from my laptop to share my connection from the router.
3: Other devices are connected to my router such as my phone and laptop.
4: My phone can connect to the hotspot on my laptop but the quest headset cant see the hotspot.
5: The quest headset can connect to my phones hotspot that uses data not my connection from the router.


Level 2
I have the same problem, do you already have a solution how to fix it?

Level 2
Hi guys. Had that problem when I bought my Quest, however, the solution was pretty much simple.
I've changed my SSID channel in the router dashboard. Maybe it would help.

Level 5
If it can't see it, probably the SSID is off for some reason. It means it's just not broadcasting the name but anything that has previously connected to it will still connect, just new devices won't be able to find it. Reboot your router, if that doesn't fix it, check your SSID through the router software.
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