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Quest controller tracking sleep mode

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I have noticed that the Oculus Quest controllers' position doesn't get updated properly when the controllers are moved very slowly and steadily without changing the rotation or pressing any button. As soon as the rotation changes slightly or a button is pressed the controller instantly jumps to the correct position again. I don't think that this is a general tracking inaccuracy as it does not happen if you press a button repeatedly while moving the controller. Is there a kind of sleep / power saving mode in the controllers that gets activated if there is neither a button event or a change in the controller's internal gyroscope data? In games that require precise and slow steady movement without a change in controller rotation, this is a complete failure.

Level 2
I'm suffering from this same problem.  I'm developing a VR application that depends upon tiny, tiny differences in rotation of the controllers.  I need the controllers to be "on" and sending rotational data every cycle.

Level 3
I second this.