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Quest keeps turning itself on, loses charge!

Level 3

Whenever I leave my Quest in standby mode, it seems to turn itself on at random times, and then I come back, and my battery's all drained 😞

Any idea what's going and how I can fix it?


Level 7
It maybe updating itself. I always switch mine off completely. If you’re going to leave it for a while on standby, then it might be an idea to plug it into the charger.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Mine seems to lose 5-10% per day in standby (depending on how many game updates happen). It does stay on and drain the battery if there is a headset update.

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Level 4
just turn it off 100%

Level 2

This seems to be an old problem - because now I am having it on my Quest 2 as well. And yes - I have turned off "Wake on movement". Running latest v30 firmware.

I turn it off 100% - but after about 20-30s it turns itself on again - no matter if charging via the computer or stand-alone charger connected to an outlet.

This results in more or less taking forever to charge. 😪

Odd that this is still a problem