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Quest update rollouts are infuriating!

Level 5

I know this has been said many time, but it needs to be said more. While I love the new features regularly introduced for the Quest, the process used to roll them out is extremely aggravating, especially with the latest V29. I was really looking forward to the new features and checked often to see if they were available for my headset. After a long wait, I finally got the update only to find out I had none of the new features. Now I'm back to having to check for them to show up.

I understand Oculus is timid about how quickly they introduce updates, presumably so they don't disrupt too many users at a time. However, the risk-reward ratio is way out of balance. Every so often, I get a bad update from other developers and it's never fun, but the aggravating way Quest updates are released is far worse each and every time. I just don't understand why Oculus would choose to ruin the user experience for such a great product with such an unusual and flawed process. There are so many ways to be timid about rollouts but still make the process smoother for their users.

Sorry for the rant but I just had to say it.