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Quest2 Onward Multiplayer-NOT!-

Level 2

Hi all, posting here in addition to Onward VR group since not sure whether this is a Quest2 issue or Onward: I’m not having any luck successfully creating a Multiuser Server in Onward App to multiplay with other Q2 users. The Onward game server setup menu is quite straight forward, however after completing, the server is not showing up on the Onward available server list for any of my Oculus invited friends. I am not using a PC to do this, nor PCVR, just using the Q2 Onward menu straight off my Q2. Then my two other friends with same Quest2 and Onward game tried to create a Multiplayer Server using their Quest 2 and same result, not appearing in Onward available server list. All my other Q2 multiuser games work flawlessly by inviting friends, just the Onward multiuser server creation not working. I’ve gotten all kinds of suggestions like try static IP’s and port forwarding and such, but no where within the Q2 headset network options does that even exist. Anyone out there successfully accomplished what I’m trying to? Maybe I’m missing a step. Thanks.