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Quest2 Wi-Fi features has crashed after FW update.

Level 3

I bought OculusQuest2 and used it. But one day onwards, Quest2 became unable to connect to Wi-Fi.
I contacted oculus support, and I got a replacement and received a new Quest2.
Then the new Quest2 can connect to Wi-Fi without any problems and the first FW update has been performed.
But after a reboot after the first update, Quest2 became unable to connect Wi-Fi.
Even though there is a router that is used to download the data for the update just before.


After booting Quest2, the Wi-Fi list will be displayed, but it will disappear soon including the all Wi-Fi of the neighbor, and it only says "Searching for Wi-Fi networks".
After a while, the Wi-Fi function will automatically turn off and never turn on again.
When I get LOGCAT, the Wi-Fi related errors such as "WificondScannerImplFailed to start scan, freqs = null" and "WificondChannelHelperGot zero length for all channel list" keep coming out regularly.
At first I suspected it was caused by my router, but this issue also occurs when all my routers are turned off.
For reference, I have prepared a video of the above phenomenon.


After various trials, it was found that Quest2 can connect to Wi-Fi in the bathroom. Even though this bathroom is farther from the router than the room that issue occurs.
However, as soon as I leave the bathroom, the message "Headset Wi-Fi connection lost." is displayed and Quest2 will be in a state where the issue occurred
If I return to the bathroom after the issue occur, Quest2 will not be reconnected. The Wi-Fi features seems to be completely stopped and a reboot is required.
In addition, even in the bathroom, if I push the Wi-Fi icon to display the Wi-Fi list, Wi-Fi will be disconnected immediately.


The new Quest2 with initial FW can connected to Wi-Fi, and after updating the FW, this issue started to occur. so I think this is the FW bug.
Considering the conditions of occurrence, it seems that the Wi-Fi features will be crashed when a specific router enters the search target.
This bug has not been fixed in latest version(v28). Is this a known issue? Are there any plans for a fix?


Level 3

About this issue, I also prepared a video of the phenomenon that
the Wi-Fi features is destroyed when the list is displayed by pressing the Wi-Fi icon in the bathroom.


In this video, you can see that the W-Fi with the maximum intensity display is disconnected.
If the my router is not strong enough, the strength indication should be smaller.
If Quest2 lose track of my router, it should disappear from the list the moment it disconnect.
In the first place, if I don't open the list, the connection is maintained,
and obviously opening the Wi-Fi list is the trigger of the disconnect.


What could be the reason for this disconnection?