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Quest2 flashing / artefacts in PC games since oculus desktop software update 18 Feb 2021

Level 3
Has anyone else noticed that Quest2 connections to the PC Rift home and PC games have started generating significant flashes / artefacts since the undocumented Oculus Software update distributed to PC's on 18th Feb 2021 (public test channel enabled)?

I'm mainly playing MSFS 2020 with two other Quest 2 owners right now and following this update PC streaming has become almost unusable at times for all 3 of us. 


Level 10
Yes, it happened for me at the exact moment Oculus updated lately, in MSFS too,with my CV1. And lof of persons are impacted according Microsoft Flight Simulator forum. It seems turning off Oculus beta settings let you go back to official release v25 and fix the issue. I opted back but didn't try yet.

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