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Question on quest 2

Level 2


I come to ask for some information concerning the quest 2.

I bought it 15 days ago with the official cable link and I am asking myself a few questions to which I cannot find the answers.

Currently I am testing half life alyx, I was able to observe a difference in quality between the S rift which is sharper and the quest 2 which is a little more blurry, oculus is currently working on a solution in order to obtain the same quality than the S rift?

I also tested an unofficial usb 3 / usb c cable which works better than the official usb c link cable, is this normal? do we plan to improve it?

do we plan to make the quest 2 equal or better than the S rift for the pcvr?

Thank you, sorry for the translation I am French and I try to do the best to be as clear as possible.