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Questions about Quest 2 before buying

Level 2


Been developing the idea of getting into VR with the Quest 2.
Would need some honest answers before buying.


1. I understand the Quest 2 can be played stand-alone with the games from Oculus store.
I'm quite impressed to be honest, because I know VR is demanding and thought there were orders of magnitude of power difference between an Android chip and a full fledged PC graphics card.
So how impressive are the standalon titles really? Am i missing something?
What resolution and frame rate are they running typically?


2. Concerning RAM size:
128 GB vs 256 GB.
How much do I need, What's the size of typical games?
How much is taken away by the operating system?


3. Concerning the strap options:
Regular vs Elite.
Will not play more than 2 hours straight. Do I need the comfort?
I plan to use this with all members of the family, adults and kids.
What would be the best option for adjusting to different head size?


4. Concerning Link cable.
What, 99 Euros??
Am I right that I can replace this with any USB-C to whatever USB3 cable?
Or is there anything special about the factory link cable?


Any other recommendations?
Thank you,



1. Quest native games are just lesser quality, have a look on youtube at videos of Pavlov Shack (Quest Version) VS Pavlov (PC version) you'll get a good idea of how they make it work, refresh and resolution is nothing to worry about, it runs to the capacity of the hardware, the CPU is actually throttled a little out of the box to reduce power.


2. If you're going to load full of 50+ games get 256gb, if not planning to buy the whole store 128gb is fine, games are between 500mb and 4gb.  Do I think an extra 128gb is worth $100? No.


3. Regular is awful, I mean it's ok for up to 30 mins but hurts and is badly balanced, I'd go for the Bobovr M2 or similar as I prefer halo bands (clamp around head) others prefer the pressed against the face style like the elite.  Personal choice but I wouldn't spend oculus money on a poor quality strap which breaks easily like the elite.


4. A $10 cable is just fine, my cheapest was $5 (3m) and works fine, the official one is no better and even if it was the headset couldn't keep up with higher data rates in any meaningful way in any case.