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Radio silence on Quest 1 hardware failure from support

Level 2

My Oculus Quest 1 is rebooting every 1-2 minutes when charging. I submitted a support ticket last week and had a few back and forths via email. The last email asked for hardware info proof of purchase and my account info which I assumed indicated Oculus was going to treat this as a defect under warranty. That was last Sunday (4/4). I responded to email again - nothing. I pinged oculussupport on Twitter - nothing.


I am getting extremely frustrated because I am staring at a $500 brick at this point which is still under warranty and Oculus has gone dark.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi @brzilian I was able to locate your ticket however it appears to have been closed automatically due to inactivity. It looks like we were waiting for some information from but never received it. If you did reply, it may not have been attached to the ticket due to a system glitch. Could you pleas ether chat back (bottom right) in or open another ticket (top right) with us here and we can pickup where we left off? Thanks!

I responded back immediately to support email providing all the information needed (including attaching a PDF of purchase receipt).