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Razer Blade 14 (2021) and Quest 2 not working over Oculus Link cable or AirLink.

Level 2

This seems well documented with most users rolling back drivers to 461.92 for a temp fix.

When can we expect an update?


Level 3

@danmun Following a suggestion on this thread to update the Radeon drivers, I can confirm that updating the drivers worked to get my 2021 Razer Blade 14" playing nice with Oculus Link & Air Link.


There is still one issue where I can't show my desktop unless I have an external monitor connected, but at least Link is working.


My NVIDIA driver version is: 471.96 and I updated the AMD Radeon Software using the Auto-Detect and install option on the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Drivers & Support page.  I think it installed Version 21.6.1, but when I launch the app it says it is version 2021.0617.1956.35892.

Update: I did get a response from Razer regarding not being able to show my desktop when using Oculus Link and it appears they are working on a fix:


As for the concern when not getting any display when your Oculus is connected, your reported concern has been successfully replicated by our team. Please look forward to a future update to resolve the issue. We currently have no ETA on when the fix will be rolled out, however, we acknowledge that the issue is present and are working towards developing a fix. 


Level 2

If anyone is still suffering with this like I just was, go into where you would select the Nvidia gpu in Nvidia control panel and go into the programs tab, find oculusclient.exe and specify that to the Nvidia gpu. Immediately fixed my problem with no rollback ever needed.

Level 2

I have the 2020 Razer Blade and Air Link was just stuck in loading in the headset. If anybody has the same problem this is what I did to fix it:


- Updated wifi drivers from intel (it's all automatic detection):

- Have the newest nvidia drivers from geforce experience

- In razer synapse, I put "Dedicated gpu only" under performance.

- In nvidia control panel I made sure that oculusclient.exe was forced to use GPU.