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Read a book (pdf) on the beach

Level 2

I recently got Quest 2 and I'm missing one feature: I would love to just lie on a beach and read a book (in PDF format). Does anyone know an app that can do this?


For example: The South Balcony in the Bigscreen App would also be ok. Simply a place where it is bright, cozy and holiday-like.


Thanks for your suggestions!


Level 7

As a heads up, you don’t want to have your quest in bright sunlight like on the beach. 

I have probably expressed myself imprecisely: I mean a virtual beach, of course 😁

Level 7

Wow. I might be dumb. Sorry. It was late. 😂

Level 9

Any web based pdf reader may be?

Then you could load internal web browser and set some nice wallpaper.

Great idea, Neko2! Is there any possibility, that I can insert my own 360-degree-photo in the "Virtual Environment"? I guess that's what you mean by "nice wallpaper"?