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Really Impressive clarity at 1.5 (1.7) in link resolution settings

Level 4

I just upgraded from an 8700k/1080ti build to a new 5900x/3080 build and did quite a bit of testing this weekend with both in game settings of various titles and the Oculus Link resolution settings.


With high end hardware, I was able to comfortably set the Quest 2 to max resolution (it says 1.5, was previously 1.7 in earlier build I believe) getting a true 1:1 ratio along with the 90hz.


I tested in IL-2 Sturmovik, Half Life Alyx, and Asgard's Wrath. was incredibly impressive.  I didn't experience any stutters, etc. (using current beta) and the clarity was phenomenal.  I had thought about purchasing a Reverb G2 as well, but if the performance continues at this level, I can't really justify the purchase now given the clarity I'm getting on the Quest 2 now with these new settings.


Really impressive what they are doing with a compressed USB signal.


Level 2

what encode bitrate were you using to run those settings? I am having issues with a white line of artifact distortion at the bottom of my screen when I play certain games with a 10700k and a 3080 and 500mbps bitrate. I’m not using the current beta though - maybe I should try that out as well.

Level 4

I have a similarly awesome experience as the OP. I use 300 mbps, as many have said it's almost impossible to notice the difference with 500. I also use the Oculus Tray Tool to set the CPU priority higher for both the Oculus server and the game itself. And in the nVidia settings I changed the default value of 1 for "VR pre-rendered frames" to "Use the 3D application setting".