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Really frustrated

Level 2

So i just put 75 bucks on a prepaid card so i could get some games and it just won’t take my card, It’s saying my Zip code is wrong when everything is correct and quadruple checked, And i even made sure the money is on the card already. Extremely frustrating not being able to use the Oculus quest 2 i just bought because it won’t take my correct zip code.


Level 7

1.Are you using YOUR zip or the zip where you bought it? Not trying to be disagreeable, but it's very unlikely that a card not processing is specific to any company.

2.Maybe make a cheap purchase through another avenue (amazon, or something else you need) to eliminate a variable. I have a feeling it'll be an issue there as well. 

Level 2

I’ll give the small purchase thing a try, But yes i have tried multiple Zip codes one being the place i got it and activated it. It seems pretty have had this problem since 2019 from what i’m seeing. 

Level 3

Contact the card issuer and inform them you are getting a ZIP code error. They will be able to see if there are any other errors on their end, or just tell you what the ZIP code should be. I have a feeling for fraud prevention they might require some special steps to authorize the card to make online purchases.