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Recorded video audio not showing in video editor.

Level 2

On almost 90%of the videos I recorded on my Quest 1 all seem to not have any audio when editing them through Sony Vegas Pro. I don’t understand why a few have it and the other don’t. They all play normal on the Quest and when playing them on a media player on PC, but when I put them through my editor some fail to load audio. Has anyone had this issue and found a work around to ensure all video exports have audio working in a video editor software? I have some great clips, just sad that the audio isn’t there when editing. 

maybe suggesting a proper audio codec that I might have overlooked. 


Level 2

Had the same broblem.In Vegas Pros folder there is a folder named "FileIO Plug-Ins", and there is a folder named "compoundplug". Just rename it to "compoundplug-old" or whatever else and restart Vegas.

Heres a video: