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Recording in 1920x1080 on the Quest

Level 2
Hi all,
I've been wanting to record some of my gameplay on the Quest (in 2D) and share it amongst my friends to show them what I can do with it as it's great fun; however, the video is always recorded in 1024x1024 resolution. I've been through the basic settings that I'm offered and there doesn't appear to be anything I can do to change it; is there? Am I missing something? I'd prefer to not have to screen record my mobile but, if that's what it comes to, then I may.

Level 3

... the video is always recorded in 1024x1024 resolution. 

This is something I have also noticed, Why doesn't the record option feature in viewable widescreen?

I suspect it may be a way to just record the main focus and reduce file size, but I agree, play-back doesn't look quite right with the screen cropped off at the edges.