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Red spots on cheeks where the Oculus rests?

Level 3

Hey everyone. Love the Oculus; best thing I've bought in years but I've developed red spots on my cheeks below my eyes where the headset sits and they take weeks to go away. 

I see Oculus are aware of this issue and wondered if there was a solution? I now use a silicone mask but it looks like the damage is done because the spots reappeared. The foam was also washed after every session and I never used the Quest more than 20-30 minutes at a time (FitXR session i play is only 20-30 mins)


I'm 47 and never had acne or skin issues until the week after I used the quest in 2020.


I've had to stop playing the quest now until I can sort this but wanted to ask if the community had a solution other than the coverings I've used? 




Level 5

Hello Kingpinx,


To me this sounds like some sort of allergic reaction.
Why wash the foam so often and did you use any product while doing so?

I think personally that you should do a check via your doctor, take the goggles with you, but you probably will be sent to a hospital where they can really test on a multitude of allergic reactions you might have.

Never heard about this problem before so that's why I think its an allergic reaction to some of the material being used or if you use a certain product to wash the foam and even often it seems.

Take care and consider this.

Level 3

are you wearing the headset without any cover? I suggest buying a cotton cover from vrcover or ask your grandma stitching one for you ... I would never would only come close to my beautifull skin with that plastic poisened foam with comes as default with the headset....

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, please submit a ticket to us by clicking here, we'd like to look into this. Thanks.