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Refund problem ....

Level 2

It would seem as though I'm not alone concerning refunds; my case is somewhat perplexing seeing as I most certainly did not use the game for more than 2 hours, and I purchased it well before the 14 day conditional expired.

This being the case, I see no reason why they should refuse to refund the cost of the game ?

Can Oculus just say 'No refund' if they feel like it ?
I would have thought that a company like this would want to abide by any conditions they impose.
It kinda leaves a bitter aftertaste when considering just how much income they're raking in and yet elect to refuse a refund for what seems like a whim.


Level 7

Generally these posts seem to end with either the refund taking longer than the poster imagined, or you contact oculus (via support ticket) and eventually they read it and refund you. 

Level 12

oculus can refuse a refund, if they detect abuse.  So before you post on here you might want to read the refund policy.


there are limitations though.

We do not offer refunds on any purchases:

of movies, bundles, content purchased as part of a bundle, or content downloaded or purchased inside of apps (DLC and in-app purchases, respectively), unless otherwise required by applicable law;

of Subscriptions (as defined in the Oculus Store Terms) or content received pursuant to a Subscription, unless otherwise required by applicable law (you may, however, cancel a Subscription in accordance with the Oculus Store Terms);

of content made outside of the Oculus platform. Where you have purchased items outside of the Oculus platform, additional third-party terms and conditions may apply. Please consult these policies for more information;

if the refund request is made more than fourteen days after the date of purchase or Gift redemption, unless otherwise required by applicable law;

if we determine that you have interacted with content for more than two hours, unless otherwise required by law; or

of previously refunded content.

Level 4

Did you buy the games in a bundle?

Level 2

No, not at all, as I say, it was the first game I purchased.
Since I'm an absolute newb I thought I must have done something wrong including posting my problem on here..
However, when they came back with a 'Refund refused' with no explanation, I was a bit perplexed/miffed seeing as it was the first game I'd bought.
Many thanks for trying to help anyways, it's really appreciated !