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Refunds and then not being able to purchase bundle

Level 2

There should be an easier way to fix issues with purchases immediately. The refund process is extremely time consuming, especially if you make an error and want to correct it immediately. 


I was looking at purchasing the Walkabout Mini Golf, and saw it was in a Play Now Bundle for a significant discount. I purchased the bundle, so I thought, but then immediately realized my screen went back to just the mini golf game.

By the time I caught it, I had purchased it, and there was no way to immediately cancel the transaction.

I tried to purchase the bundle, and I kept getting an error message. I tried multiple times, and it finally came up and said I had already purchase mini golf so the price would be adjusted. I went through the process, and thought that was it. I went on to look on my headset to install, and it wasn't there. I went and looked at my notices, and I did not receive a confirmation, so I went back on my phone, and it didn't show it was purchased. I tried again, and got another error message.

I never played the game so I thought maybe I should request a refund for the mini golf and that would let me purchase the bundle. Once I did that, it showed the mini golf was available to purchase again, so I tried again, and it seemed to go through, told me the cost, and looked like it was going through. BUT, I got another error message before it confirmed purchase. I got frustrated and tried again at night, and I thought it went through. This time I didn't get an error message. It was new year's eve, and honestly, I was tired, so I went to bed. I got up in the morning and not only was it not loaded or purchased, now the "Play More Bundle" is gone (it expired at midnight), and I don't have access to the "Walkabout Mini Golf" game, and have to wait up to 5 days to be able to purchase it again. 

I contacted Customer Service, and they said they couldn't help but recommended I come on here so that maybe in the future they could work on a solution. 


A solution would be to help those of us that may not be super techy and if we have a glitch or error, help solve the issue.