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Registering Quest 2

Level 2

How do I register Quest 2 to my account? I want to request the free silicone interface, but I get the following message...

"An Oculus device isn't registered to your account at the moment. Set up an Oculus headset to get started."

The device is successfully paired with my Oculus app and has been working fine since purchased last Christmas. I did a factory reset and new setup but still the same message in My Devices. Any help would be welcome. 


Level 12

it should register when you pair it to the app.

So login to the site below.


make sure your logging in with the facebook account paired with the device.


It seems I'm permanently logged in when I click your link even after I've logged out. It just takes me straight into My Devices and reports that I have no registered devices. The Quest 2 is paired and working fine. Oculus Support told me I have two Facebook accounts.  One that I used for a few minutes in 2009 which I don't know how to get into anymore and another which I opened to get the Quest 2 working but have forgotten the login details for. The most recent Facebook Account also seems to have me permanently logged in even after logout. So very confused here as I don't use Facebook.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you.

clear cookies and page history on your computer to force it to login with different account.

Level 2

All sorted now thank you 👍