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Release date Horizon Worlds in The Netherlands

Level 3

Good day,


I would like to know when Horizon Worlds is going to be released. As Horizon Venues is not longer available. It is installed on my quest 2 but when i click it reroutes me to horizon Worlds in the sore. ANd i get a fancy video on how cool Worlds is. But i cannot install it.


I saw that it was recently released in UK. And i have the feeling we are being put back in line. 


So i hope anyone can give me an update on when it will be released forThe Netherlands. We all don't want to miss the boat and start playing too.


Thank you in advance for any feedback.




Level 2


Level 5

I'm waiting for this as wel... Why is it taking so long? 

We are all just human... share your respect and show your love.

Hey there ClassicGamerNL. We know the feeling of anticipation for Horizon Worlds rolling out slowly. Our blog HERE mentions that later this summer we plan to roll out to other countries. Please follow us on our Twitter feed for the latest news.