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Render resolution and multiplier on link and quest 2

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I was comparing the graphical settings with a friend in flight simulator when we discovered we didn't have the same resolution using the same multiplier and the same frequence in the oculus link.


Friend: 72Hz x1.3 = 5408x2736

Me:  72Hz x1.3 = 4864x2448


Is there an explanation? On what is based the multiplier?


Level 2


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Are both of your headsets the same type (Quest 1 or Quest 2) and are they running the same firmware / OS versions? Sometimes Oculus changes the resolution of the 1.0 base pixel density (I've seen it change a few times over the years).

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1.0 represents the recommended resolution for your system, but I believe that can change based on your hardware—if you have a higher-end GPU, the base-line recommended resolution may be higher.

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I have noticed similar - a you-tuber posting settings had a resolution at slider setting 1.3 that didnt match mine for the same refresh rate. Also, I noticed my slider now goes to 1.9 - it used to be just 1.7 max.


Also, why to the resolutions differ for different refresh rate - 1.3 at 90hz is different to 120hz.


Any insight appreciated.