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Request feature: left/right eye user choice for Cast and Recording

Level 3
Hello Oculus, 

Please consider a new feature which allows users to select and save which eye is being casted or recorded by default. 

I reckon most people have a dominant right eye and it feels commonly restricted that only left eye is being recorded. 

Now that games like Onward are released, it becomes even more apparent that we need such feature in order to share with friends what is actually happening while aiming. 

Please make this happen Oculus! 🙂 

Kind regards, Scuby 


Level 3
I agree with Scuby.  I've been streaming a lot recently but I am right eye dominant so there is a disconnect which negatively affects the feel of the video when playing FPS games. Please have a selector for casting right vs left eye!!

Level 3
Another big update released and still no right eye recording. Please add this already!

Level 7
Please revive a third thread about it. 

Level 2

Everybody's complaining about the left eye recording, but my quest records on the right. Though the only problem is that I'm left-eye dominant.

Same.. I used to have a quest and it recorded from the left eye. I have a quest 2 now and it only cast/records from the right eye. Even if I have "Left Eye Rendering" checked within the settings of the game I'm playing.

Level 3

I have this same problem but its the opposite, when I'm aiming in Pavlov Shack it's more comfortable looking through only my left eye, but when I'm recording it looks weird when the gun is just off to the left a bit. I don't know why they haven't added this yet though I've seen so many people complain about this problem, I would've expected it to be fixed by now, be an experimental feature, or at LEAST be announced as a feature in a later update.