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Resident evil 4 for Quest 2 only raises the question of short life cycle of Facebook products

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As it as just been announced that Resident Evil 4 VR will be the first title to drop Quest 1 support, I think it might be interresting to consider the lingevity of Facebook product.


Of course, we'd need to agree of when a product lifetime is actually over.

Depending on who you ask, that might range from when support officially stops ( the longest ) to when the next product making it obsolete releases ( the shortest ).


My personal choice would be when Facebook itself actually stop bringing any new content to the device. It's at that point that, even if it still works, you can set your devide aside because there won't be much more to play with it.


So, considering that ...


The rift released in march 2016.

the Rift S in march 2019

The Quest 1 in may 2019

The Quest 2 on Oct 2020


I think the last Oculus content that came to PC VR was lies beneath, in march 2020. Marking when Facebook effectively dropped PCVR, and making the lifespan of the rift 4 years, and the Rift S only 1 year.


We have no firm release date for RE4 VR, but we can expect it to come before end of 2021. It's still a bit early to tell, but based on their past behavior this might mean future Oculus studio games will follow as Quest 2 exclusive. (* I ll come back on that later. )


This would mean that the Quest 1 would have had a lifespan of less that 3 years.


Let me reiterate, the lifespan of their product so far, before there isn't any new content, have been

4 years

1 years ( !!! )

3 years


Isn't this a shockingly short lifespan for console-like products sold for more than 400$ ?

I have a Rift S, and it really bothers me that I would need to buy a new headset to get new content so soon.

similarly, I have friends that talk with me about VR. One has a Rift ( first ) and was thinking of upgrading to quest 2. The other has nothing and wanted something ...


In both case, they are now reconsidering buying a Quest 2, as current practive by facebook suggest that, at 6 months old, it might only be 1 year away from being replaced, and 2 years away from being more or less dropped.


Has anyone else been concerned by this ? Has Facebook made any comment on that aspect ?


(* more on what I take in account to consider Facebook might drop Quest 2 so fast : )

For Rift / Rift S, there was very little ( if any ) overlapping between the first Quest only titles, and the last PCVR titles. Meaning when they stopped supporting PCVR on all titles, they pretty much instantly switched to not supporting it on any title.

This would suggest that once Facebook stop releast all titles on Q1, wich they are doing with RE4, they soon stop

releasing any titles on Q1.


This is not certain however. Because dropping PCVR was not a technical requirement to make Q2 games but a strategic choice to quietly kill as fast as possible what had become concurence. That's not the case for Q2 / Q1 however. Q1 fits in the "walled garden / Monopoly" strategy of Facebook. In that case, it's purely technical constraint. So they might not behave exactly the same. Like I doubt they will activelly push to kill Quest 1 versions when possible like they are doing for PCVR.

Still, this does not necesserally bode well for the future for Q2 owners.


Level 15

As a Q1 owner I'm happy for Q2 owners to have exclusive standalone mobile VR games. It only makes sense to utilise the Q2's full potential. Since I've only had my Q1 for 11 months I really do not feel the need to run out and buy a Q2 based on a few exclusive Q2 titles. I mainly use my Q1 to play PCVR games with either Link or wireless w/VD anyway.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Level 7

Oculus products have a great library of games I still own a Rift-S use it still and I own quest 2 with the link and virtual desktop I will get many years of use playing PCVR games and I only paid $400  for the quest 2.

Level 4

Does one exclusive titles announcement really warrant this discussion? 

I mean, most of what you've stated is either speculation of deliberately misleading? 

Level 3

It's not just one game - Various other times I have wanted to play game with people on quest only to realise the game they are playing isn't on the Rift.

There have been hardly any decent games released on Rift for ages. And now we see games going to quest only. Definitely feels like facebook can't be bothered to support the rift. 
Not happy with what they are doing. If I buy any other system it will be a Vive or another company. Once bitten twice shy.