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Restarting necessary to have USB 3.0 connection

Level 2


ASRock B550M Steel Legend

Ryzen 5 5600X

MSI RTX 3070 Ventus

Corsair Vengeance (2x8GB) @3600Mhz

I bought a USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 (Non official) cable to use with my Quest 2. When firstly connected it will connect as USB 3.0 with a 1.7 Gbps speed (The cable says 5 Gbps on the package) but nonetheless, i can still play with a hickup or two, could be better (maybe related to the problem). The main issue is whenever i disconnect my Quest 2 and connect it back it will refuse to use USB 3.0, forcing me to restart the computer every single time. I tried reinstalling USB controllers and Oculus App, using Beta channel and developer mode. I can disconnect and reconnect normally to my laptop and still have USB 3.0, but i can't use it since it's not as good as my pc.