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Right Controller keeps spinning in circles

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When I’m playing beat saber or just browsing Facebook my right controller starts to spin in circles uncontrollably.  I moved to different room with different lightings and the same thing happens.  Any suggestions or quick fixes would be very helpful.  Thanks!

Level 4
Did you change the battery ? If it's charged, remove it, leave it like this for 2-3 minutes, retry.
I had issues with Beat Saber myself too. Maybe related to the game actually.

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Thanks for the reply.  

Level 3
I get the same issue in BoxVR and Oculus Honr Screen, I find the quickest fix is to remove the controller battery and replace it.

It's really annoying when it happens in game, it usually ends a good steak when it happens.

Mine does this on walkabout mini golf and forevrbowling . Very annoying because I can't play.  Also my club goes invisible so I can't hit anything and sometimes teleport circle won't go away and give my club back.