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Right controller for Quest has rattling battery.

Level 3
I noticed about a month or two ago in my right controller the battery was rattling.  It can be extremely annoying when I'm playing a game such as Beat Saber.  I've managed to stop the rattling by putting a tiny piece of tissue inside.  It's just annoying every time I have to replace the batteries I have to try and make a small enough piece to put inside if I lose the one that was already in there.  I've only had my Quest for about 4 months, is there anything I can do to get this fixed?

Level 4
You could put/stick a piece of rubber on the battery enclosure so it will keep it in place.
It depends maybe the spring have lost it's uplift force or the battery is not thick enough, i don't have yet this problem of 5 days usage so i can't tell what causes it.
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Level 2
Having the same issue in less than a week of having it

Level 3
Same here right from the start

Level 2
I have this problem too... I didn’t know what was rattling around but it is driving me crazy! I’m glad (sad) that I’m not the only one who has this problem. I’ll try the tissue paper for now, but if anyone else has a better idea for a fix, I’d sure appreciate it. Is this a design error? My left controller seems to be solid still. I’d hate to have to buy another controller, especially since they are almost 70.00 dollars.

Level 3

DrCohbi said:

I’ll try the tissue paper for now, but if anyone else has a better idea for a fix, I’d sure appreciate it.

I got ahold of Oculus support, they said they should be able to replace it if you can provide them with all the information.  The only reason this never worked for me was because my mom is very sensitive with me buying games from them, considering they are owned by Facebook.  The only thing that held me up with them was, I dont have a permanent payment.  If you do have a permanent payment you could try getting a replacement through Oculus Support.  Other than that the tissue/toilet/towel paper has been the best fix I could find.

Level 2
Is it the controller or the battery?