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Right controller for quest 2 thinks im flicking the joysick up

Level 2

Oculus quest 2 controller thinks that i am flicking the joystick up so in games lile blade and sorcery nomad it always jumps please can you help


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, if your controller joystick is drifting, please try removing the batteries for at least 2-3 minutes to reset the wireless link. Please also be sure to use new or known-good batteries in the controllers. You can also try unpairing the controller from the headset and then re-pair it following the steps here. For this issue, you may also need to check your play area for any power cables, appliances, fluorescent lights or wireless devices that could cause wireless interference with the tracking. If after this your controller is still drifting please go ahead and do a factory reset

To help us look into this further for you please reach out to our support team here. Thanks.