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Hi everyone, 
I'm a filmmaker and I'm new in this world. 
I'm trying to understand how to bring this technology into filmaking, cinema, social ad. and more. 
I know that you will need a 360' camera to record a video that is going to be able to watch on vr, obviously. But I did some tries and they didn't look good at all. I'm pretty sure y'all know the difference between monoscopic and stereoscopic. 
With those cameras (insta360, GoProMax, ecc...) you will record a 360 ambient for sure but when you are going to watch it will just look as a 360 flat sphere. Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say. It will look like a monoscopic video not a stereoscopic. 
Now, I just found out this new gear: STEREOLABS ZED 2 
And I was wondering if it could be the right solution for me. 
Do anyone know what I'm talking about ? There are any other solution to this ? How can I record a stereoscopic scene in real life and then watch it in vr and. have the feeling that is actually a real stereoscopic scene. 

Thank you in advice to everybody.
Hope you find this an interesting post. 


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The Zed cameras (I have the Zed Mini) can record stereoscopic 3D, but they aren't 360 degrees. The Zed 2 only has a horizontal field of view of 110 degrees. That's not much more than a VR headset can see, so you wouldn't be able to look around.
The Zed 2 also appears to have a much larger lens separation than human, meaning the video from it really isn't suited to viewing with a headset (the world scale would be way off). It's really intended as a depth camera.
The Zed Mini has the correct lens separation (matches our eyes) as it was intended for pass through augmented reality. But it has an even smaller field of view.

If you want people to be able to look around a bit, a 180 degree stereoscopic camera is probably what you want. There's a bunch of them, I haven't got one so I don't really know which is best.
If you want full 360 in stereo, they can be MUCH more expensive. Although Vuze make a pretty affordable 360 stereoscopic camera:
But the stitching is pretty obvious when watching moving objects (Vuze have a gallery of VR videos), due to how few lenses it has.

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