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Screen Distance - Screen zoomed in & stretched

Level 2



I just finished setting up my Oculus Quest 2 and everything worked great, from Oculus immersive video, games, streaming 180 & 360 videos from browser & files etc. But after a while the device turned off due to battery power and then when I turned it back on after I charged it the screen becomes problematic.


Everything is suddenly more zoomed in & stretched, holding the oculus button doesn't work either since it just moves the menus and even doing this lacks accuracy compared to pre charging.
When I play Immersive videos it's 2x more zoomed in than before & when I browse & stream 180 videos it just doesn't work, everything becomes distorted and way zoomed in that the VR just doesn't work eventhough it did before. Even menus are becoming stretched and I had to really turn my neck.


I tried factory resetting & turning off guardian tracking but that still doesn't solve the problem, does anyone have the same issue?