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Screen Door Effect got worse on my Quest 2? Black screen?

Level 2
I have had my Quest 2 since January with no problems until last night. I tried turning the Quest 2 on, and I had a black screen that would occasionally flicker in one lens - I restarted multiple times and it eventually fixed itself. But now it seems that the screen door effect on my device is more noticeable.
I could just be psyching myself out since I have no way of comparing to how it was before, but I am pretty sure it got worse somehow and I am not sure if it's related to the black screen thing. Does anyone know what could have caused this, or if this is even possible?
The only thing I could think of that could have MAYBE caused this, is I recently got a VRcover and was sweating a lot when I played before last night. Maybe the sweat could have damaged the system somehow?
TLDR: I think Quest has worse screen door effect all of a sudden. Is this possible, why/how?