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Screen Tearing/Flickering on Link cable only, after last update

Level 3

This has happened before, about a year ago around v24.  It's only on link cable, both usbc to usbc cable and the usb 3.1 gen 1 type a  to 3.1 gen 2 usbc does it also.   Air link works fine, no tearing etc.  I'm assuming it's software related and due to update around the 30th, I just noticed about 5 days ago.  I don't play everyday, so I didn't even realize it updated but it's pretty unplayable and I think the way I fixed it was to downgrade the software, is that still possible? 


I was on beta v 33 and I guess it updated to v34 and now the regular version is 33 but I've turned off beta as well and the problem persists in v33, so they must have changed something between beta 33 and stable 33 that causes this.  I have factory reset headset already, reinstalled oculus software, rolled back gpu drivers just in case but I'm 95% sure it's software related due to update.   Is rollback to v32 still a thing? 



Amd 6800XT

32 GB GSKILL 3800 MHz