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Searching for External Mic Solution for Quest 2 Without Link Cable or Virtual Desktop

Level 2

I am fairly new to the Quest 2. I have an issue with the built-in microphone in social games like VRChat where my voice will become "canned" or like it's in a bucket. The problem is very common amongst Quest 2 users, and while it's fairly quick to fix in-game I'd like to avoid the problem entirely. The easiest solution would be to use an external microphone. The issue with that is that there are no physical aux inputs on the hardware that I am aware of; as the 3.5mm connection is only directional "Audio Out". Bluetooth would be a wireless solution, but to the best of my ability I cannot get any wireless headset microphone to function. I can get the audio functionality of the headset to pair just fine, but the microphone is not usable. It's not selectable in the settings of applications and it's not selectable anywhere in the Oculus menu system that I can find.

All of that leads me to my question. Does anyone know of a external microphone solution for the Quest 2 without the use of a Link cable or Virtual Desktop connected to a PC? Linked is not an option for me. It has to be a completely native solution. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to read all of this and help.