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Serious help needed with multiple Oculus accounts/Facebook

Level 8
So I have an issue I hope someone can help with.  I have contacted Support and they have been very patient and tried to help me but don't have an answer.  So here's the deal!

I have multiple Oculus devices
I have multiple Oculus accounts
I use them for entertainment and such, multi-player usage
In order to do multi-player you have to have multiple accounts since you can't do multi-player running 2 instances of the same software using the same account
I have purchased multiple copies of the multi-player software (1 for each account)

Ok so far, no issues, I have multiple accounts, have paid for multiple versions of the software...


with the new Facebook connections and Oculus 2, you have to merge your Oculus account with your Facebook account
You cannot link 2 Oculus accounts to the same Facebook account
You cannot have multiple Facebook accounts (without risking issues with Facebook deleting accounts)

and therein lies my quandary

How do I legally have multiple Oculus accounts set up on multiple devices without running afoul of Facebook?

I'm not trying to "beat" anybody, as I said I own the equipment, own the accounts, own multiple copies of the software... what do I do?

I do not want to tie my accounts and equipment to someone else's Facebook account where I can't log in without their passwords.  I just want to be able to use multiple accounts and hardware/software for parties and family get togethers and friends and such.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

PS and thank you to the Oculus support team who tried to come up with an answer but didn't have one for me.