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Several headset on one account?

Level 2
I have bought five occulus quest headset and started to configure my first one now. Will I be abel to get access to my accont on all headsets? For example if I buy a game or experience, will I be able to download it on all five headsets? If not, do I make five separate occulus account? 
Can I have 2 account on one headsets, like when I log in to xbox. For example one user for me and one for my son? 

Are there anyone here with experience with more than one headset? Like if you use it at work ?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
You can't have two accounts on one headset. The only way to change who is logged in to a headset is to do a factory reset.

But you can have multiple headsets on one account. The mobile app handles multiple headsets fine.
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Level 2
Thanks. That will definitely save me some money. Will try to set upp an account for all headset. 

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But if you have multiple headsets with one account, wouldn't they all show the same user/avatar