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Should oculus abandon app sharing? And focus on unlocking xr2 and the true power of wireless vr.

Level 12

Every day i see posts about how "annoyed" people with roll out of app sharing.  I say to oculus they are not worth your time.  Families of five that have no intention of trully supporting your eco system at most are only going to spend less than 150 of apps if not less, and spend only one headset or just a most 2 quest 2 64 gig editions.  These people are never happy, they are never thrilled, they will complain that they don't endless handouts of stuff that doesn't the motion forward.


I think after the release of air link and 120 hz, these devs need to be commended for what they are doing over 28 updates of firmware.  They shouldn't waste time on fruitless goals of appeasing families who will never stand behind the quest.