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Signing in problems after update

Level 2

I updated the system and every time I sign in with Facebook it tells me I need to update. Makes no sense. I’m just going in circles. It doesn’t say I put in the wrong credentials- it says I need a system update… after the update. Anybody else dealing with this frustrating issue?

Level 3

The whole ecosystem is just so frustrating.  75% of the time I spend with the Quest 2 is figuring out how to do something versus 25% of the time enjoying the experience.  Browser windows and app locations constantly moving around and the 'recentering' functionality only works half the time.  Windows appearing only inches in front of my face and no readily descernible way to correct that.   They packaged a game, Beat Saber, with the Quest 2 I purchased.  Great, a game for free so I can test out the Quest 2 and what it can do.  And an hour trying to figure out how to play the game, only to search online and discover there's a bug and the 'play' button is sometimes missing in solo play mode.  How in god's name would they bundle a game for new purchasers of the device which includes a bug like that?  Terrible quality control.  Log in to Facebook, log in to Meta; log out, log in; pair the device, pair the device again; wrong password; re-pair the device.  Log in. Log out.  Awful experience for this new user.

Me too! It took me two hours to change over from Facebook, which I created just for this, to Meta, getting the app, pin etc. etc. Then finally I went to play saber beat and there was no play button and no real response from the manufacturer online. Just “message us.” That’s not helpful to the thousands of us who it doesn’t work for.. I used to recommend oculus quest but no longer.

Hey there! We all get that feeling when you want to play games, only to run into issues. We'd love to see what we can do for you.


Can you please answer the following to better help you?

  • Have you held the power button on the headset for 30 seconds and then on the menu selected restart?
  • Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the headset?
  • Is it just Beat Saber or are other apps having issues as well?
  • Are there any error messages?
  • Are you connected to your Wi-Fi network?


Please let us know if you still need assistance. We want to to be able to enjoy your games.