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Silicone mask crashes OQ2

Level 2

Strange thing happened. I bought a $10 silicone mask cover for the oculus quest 2 which (and after doing a factory reset as it then kept crashing) discovered it only crashed when the silicone mask was on it! It crashed at random or sometimes as I touched the headset. This would be things like going to black or the picture freezing for a fraction of a second then crashing. Drove me crazy as I began to fear that after only 1 week the unit was faulty. Any ideas? Since removing the silicone mask the headset is back to normal. 


Level 5

I've ran into this with VR cover (the replacement facial interface pack about skin irritation). I believe it has to do with the facial interface doing something around the proximity sensor, maybe moving ever so slightly to cause it to think you moved away from the Quest and then came back, and seemingly the Quest can't handle that kind of fast activation.


Not sure if there's a fix or if that's what is really causing the problem, but theoretically disabling the auto headset wake/sleep setting or disabling the proximity sensor with Oculus Developer Hub may help.

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