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Since last OS update, the app sharing with secondary account does not work

Level 2



I have 2 accounts on my occulus quest. The main one for me and the other used by my wife. We share some apps, Demeo for instance.


Since the last update of the OS (yesterday, the 31 may), the apps i bought are not shared anymore. The apps are visible from my account but not from my wife's account.


I de-installed and re-installed my wife account and it didn't solved the issue.


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Same story here too.  WTF why are they messing with this?  Has anyone heard from Oculus as to a fix?

Level 3

How has this not been solved no respinse just ignoring it

Level 2

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Level 2

Sadly, I can be added to the list of NOT WORKING.


I just tried and the 2nd account can only see 2 apps (the 2 basic ones).




Level 3

I've gone through several factory resets on both my Q1 and Q2 but have never been able to see shared apps on the second account. In the shop it says the games are purchased and there is a button with takes me to the library category of "shared apps" but it's completely empty despite me having purchased over 30 apps which are supposed to be shareable. Very frustrating as we have had to resort to purchasing the games twice.