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Sketchup VR for Quest..?

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Quest has been out for almost a year and we still haven't seen a SketchUp viewer for the Quest. There have been some work-arounds, but unlike the Oculus Go; there is not an app available in the Quest App catalog...? I am a professional designer and would love to use my Quest for virtually viewing designs. 
Does anyone out there know if an App is in development..? 

Level 2
hi there. i am using prospect form irisvr at the moment which works fantastic but cost around $ 200 per MONTH. the sketchup viewer for VR should do the same job with no costs if you have a sketchup PRO subscriptions for only € 174 per YEAR, but i cannot make it work. i use parallels on my MAC and get only to a point where the program should find my Quest but doesn´t. the support says that a driver is needed but then its gets even more reading and guessing and thats where i am so far. 

Level 3
I am going to try this now too... Running Sketchup from a PC and using Oculus Quest 2

Level 3
Hey ! I suggest taking a look at ;

In a few steps, you can get the SketchUp model on your Quest 2 device
- install plugin from Extension 
- upload model to your account
- enter a 6 digit code to walkthrough in VR

Hope this helps !